Life’s small problems can be as challenging as the big ones, and my role as a Life Coach is to help you deal with both – focusing on finding solutions and ways to help you cope.

As a Life Coach, not a sports coach, I won’t be trying to increase your ‘performance level’ in line with someone else’s criteria. My coaching will help you fulfil your aspirations.

You’re probably your own toughest critic, so I won’t criticise you (or your actions); instead, my role is to encourage and help you

  • trust your own instincts;
  • become aware of your skills and values;
  • try new options; and, not least,
  • identify what you want to keep in your life.

Stress management, work-life integration, dealing with conflict, defining one’s life purpose and resolving questions relating to career change are typical areas of concern for my clients.

Working with a Life Coach requires mutual trust; it’s a highly personal relationship. Total client confidentiality is an essential feature of my coaching work.

So take a look at the other sections of my website. If you’d like to find out more, ring me on +49 (30) 7895 1699 or send me an email matthias@koru-koaching.com; then I’ll call you back to discuss the next steps and to arrange your first appointment.


KoruI’m a European who’s spent many years in New Zealand; a young multicultural country in the South Pacific. Koru is a term from the language of its indigenous Maori people that refers to the unfurling frond of a silver fern; symbolising new life, growth and strength.

My coaching philosophy is based on the understanding that you, like a Koru, already carry within you everything needed to realise your full potential.