Do you feel at the mercy of the vagaries of everyday life? Struggling to cope with disappointment? What you really wanted to avoid happens anyway? All attempts to overcome an obstacle have failed? Are you frustrated and feel that there’s nothing you can do about it?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you can choose how to react to difficult situations.

By pausing for a moment, it’s possible you can prevent knee-jerk reactions which can exacerbate the problem; that’s not always easy, despite the best intentions.

What does this mean for you?

Regardless of whether you

  • have a conflict to resolve,
  • want to reduce work-related stress,
  • find out more about your dreams and aspirations,
  • have to make a difficult decision, or
  • simply want to be able to enjoy life more:

I’ll work with you to help you take breath, and consider your challenge from a different angle; we can explore your options together and find alternatives to help you find the solution that works for you.


  • Time & space for you
  • Encouragement & support in the right setting to try ideas out
  • An open mind, curiosity & the ability to look at issues from a different angle
  • Confidence in your abilities
  • Benevolence, understanding & humour